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To Heck With Action, Do THIS First!

There’s so much out there about the importance of action and while I don’t want to dismiss that, I do want to put it into perspective. Of course I understand action is what moves you on a forward path to create a desired outcome; yet, the majority of us get stuck in NOT taking action. So rather than slap another Band-Aid on that by creating some kind of emotional whirlwind why you “should” (I still don’t like that word) be taking action, I prefer to back up and look at the step which precedes action. Perhaps there are helpful answers to be found there.

So…what happens before action?

From my perspective, it’s one thing: a decision.

Before you can do anything, you need to make a decision and THAT my friends is where I think we actually get hung up. There are a variety of reasons why, but I think they can all be boiled down to two primary culprits: information overload and fear. (And, quite frankly, a lot of us use the first as an excuse to cover up the second).

Let me share a personal example. I knew I wanted to leave the Maryland area and start traveling again. Why? Well, fall is coming, I want to get in front of as many people as possible to share my message, and generally I just come alive when I’m in new places. Insert the fact I had some great opportunities in six different states within a month and a half (one state being on the other side of the country); once I left Maryland I wouldn’t have a built in dog sitter; I do not like setting up / breaking down camp more than once a week; and I have clients, marketing and other work that needs to get done in-between it all – - and you have me gridlocked over an important decision I didn’t have the luxury of contemplating too long (and of course that pressure made it even harder).

Admittedly I waffled for awhile, waiting to see if “something” would happen to eliminate some options and make the decision easier for me. But you know what I realized I was doing? GIVING AWAY MY POWER.

As soon as I realized that, it snapped me out of it and I immediately started looking through my toolbox to see what I had at my disposal to help. I liked what I found because it addressed the left-brained, logical side of me that was struggling with information overload. Yet, something was missing. It didn’t take me long to realize that sabotage was sneaking up on me again, so I created a new tool to address the subconscious fears that might be hiding out (cuz that’s how I roll). Those two things really helped me move forward. Interestingly enough, once I made the decision, a LOT of things I’d been waiting on actually started to fall in place. It was as if I had to make the first move in order to get the ball rolling, and then voila it all fell together perfectly!

So whether you are suffering from information overload or some kind of (conscious or subconscious) fear, I challenge you to make the first move. To help, I’m offering two free tools as a means to help you stop debating and start deciding…the fastest way to get some traction again!

Indecision Insight Tool
Decision Matrix Tool

P.S. I’d love to hear what you think about these, so feel free to reply and let me know how they work for you ;)


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