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Tear Down Those Walls

Walls are a beautiful thing. They protect us and keep us from harm, most of the time. Yet, they can also confine us inside their space and prevent us from experiencing what’s on the other side (dangit!)

Imagine an old castle courtyard where the walls remain but the floor is long gone and the outside has made its way in: small trees stretch, looking for the sun; birds nest in the cracks of the walls; animals run free along the bottom.

On the one hand, it can look beautifully charming in a worn out way – as it appears old and faded – with a hint of something new emerging through. On the other hand, it’s nothing of what it once was and there’s a subtle haunted sense of the past that lingers.

Now imagine you’ve purchased the land and built a home nearby and, while you don’t want to lose this special place, you do want to open it up for the precious view those walls are now so clearly hiding. What does that mean? Why, the walls must come down of course!

First, the demolition creates plenty of chaos; with rocks tumbling, dust rising, and the underbrush being trampled. As the sun’s light reaches the courtyard for the first time in a long time, the dark recesses are exposed and things that went unnoticed before (like the mess left by animals or the trash that blew in and got trapped) are now visible. Then, with a little tender loving care, the courtyard takes on a new appearance and the sun is able to send its rays through the trees and reach the flowers you’ve planted to take root – lighting up the area in a heavenly way.

Imagine that in the course of its history, this courtyard went from being grand and awe-inspiring… to dark and damp… to serene and beautiful.

Finally, imagine you and I have lives that parallel this story. After we reach a pinnacle of achievement – meeting the love of our lives, building the home of our dreams, or landing the job to die for – it’s not uncommon for the foundation to come out from under us in time; after all, as we age our foundational values and priorities naturally shift.

Those same old walls created by our grand achievements still remain, even though our lives have evolved beyond what those walls can now hold. And so we live in the ruin of what was, with the walls keeping us trapped inside, oblivious to what is on the other side.

If you’re lucky enough to have the awareness of what’s happening, you may feel as though you’ve “had your shot” and that you have no other option but to live in your dark, albeit mysteriously beautiful, courtyard: the life you’ve created but outgrown.

I’m here to tell you that’s just a lie you’re telling yourself and to dare you to tear down those walls (even just one will help). If those walls from your past are no longer serving you, then let them go and let the light in! Sure it’s gonna be chaotic for awhile, but as Allen Cohen wrote in his book, I Had It All The Time, “You cannot change your world and keep it the same. You cannot cling to the old and usher in the new way. Messes are not bad, they are the birthing pools of new life.”

Get a notepad and pen (or computer) and journal both the following questions and whatever answers pop in your head:

1. What scares you?
2. Why?
3. How has that served you?
4. Do you still need that in your life?
5. If so, why? (Repeat questions #3 &# 4, then proceed to #6 or #7.)
6. If not, say thank you and release it from service!
7. What would serve you?
8. Is that possible? (Think of any examples; give your mind proof.)

Wishing you the joy of freedom that only a hard hat and sledge hammer can provide.

Let me know how it goes!


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