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Stop, Drop, and Roll

I have some very serious questions that I’d like you to answer before reading ahead. Nothing crazy, so I hope you’ll do me the honor of answering…

How are you?
How’s work?
How are the family/friends/loved ones?

Now pause and consider your answers…

1. Were they how you’d normally respond? Why or why not?
2. Were they more on the positive or not-so-positive side?
3. How long have you been responding with that kind of answer?

Usually when I ask those questions, I get canned answers. Is that how you responded? Whether you’d consider your answers good, bad or indifferent – the important part here is that they reveal not only your general mindset, but your STORY.

You see, we each have a story. Actually, we have LOTS of stories! Stories about why we are the way we are, with the people we’re with, doing the things we do, not doing the things we’d like to do, etc., etc. We have stories about our health, wealth, happiness and general state of being.

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So, which came first, the story or the reality?

Sometimes we create stories based on our experiences, in which case the reality came first and our story supports the notion it will always be that way. Other times we strongly anticipate something will happen a particular way, which creates a story about it and, in doing so, we practically pave the way for the story to become reality!

No doubt about it, this can be messy stuff. But I have a simple solution. Super simple! All we have to do is take a page from something kids are taught when it comes to dealing with the dangers of fire (not altogether unlike the dangers of an outdated story, as they both pose a serious risk to your health).

All we have to do is Stop, Drop and Roll. Let me explain…

Stop and notice what you’re thinking. If you can’t do that in the moment, then at the end of the day stop and reflect back. Heck, I’ve even gone so far as carrying a small notepad and jotting down any stories that popped up.

Drop your old story by asking yourself how that story has served you. If you can’t come up with 5 or more great reasons, then consider dropping it.

Roll with a new story! This is the best part of the whole thing because you and only you get to decide what you want your story to be.

In the end we just need to do a little ‘regular maintenance’ on our stories. You know, to make sure they’re still working as intended and, if not, then it’s time to change that story cuz it will change your life!

Here’s to your new and inspiring story … may it unfold with the ease of flipping pages in a book!
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