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Springboard to Clarity

Clarity. It’s like a perfectly still pool of water, at times you can see a crystal clear reflection just like a mirror, but with hardly a breath of wind or change in your life, the image becomes distorted.

Clarity. Without it, we feel lost and it’s entirely too easy to stay on the same treadmill of life doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts day in and day out. Not unlike Bill Murray’s experience in Groundhog Day, it can become monotonous and eventually quite painful.

But that’s a good thing because when it’s painful enough, we wake up to it and can do something about it! Until then, it’s like the days before you got your first pair of glasses: you didn’t know you weren’t seeing blades of grass or individual leaves on trees because you didn’t know what you were missing!

Now, I’m going to assume you have experienced clarity before. Perhaps when you knew with every fiber of your being that you loved someone deeply and wanted to spend the rest of your life with them. Perhaps when you found the perfect job for you and obsessed over how it fit you to a tee. Perhaps after a tragic loss when you awakened to what’s really important in life and you were able to instantly change some behaviors with ease.

But how do you proactively attain that kind of clarity?

You can probably relate to it from a career perspective, as we’re all taught the importance of starting off your week and days by reviewing your priorities and schedule to ensure they’re aligned so you know where to put your efforts. That’s helpful, right? Always nice to use your time productively :)

What if you could have that kind of clarity in your personal life? What would that do for you? Is there something you’ve wanted to experience that you just haven’t gotten around to – like learning a language or traveling to a dream destination? Or maybe you want to feel a certain way more often – like the joy of making a difference in your community or feeling the deep sense of love that comes from spending quality time with your family?

Whatever it is you want, there are a number of ways to bring it back into focus so that you can experience more of it sooner rather than later. It really depends on where you’re start point is. Today, I’ll share an individual exercise I’ve actually created for those in the middle – who generally know what they want, but struggle to fully articulate it. Click here to access my worksheet. Feel free to print it out and use to your hearts delight. Once you’ve gotten a new level of clarity, I challenge you to look at it once a week (much like you would when preparing for your work week) and adjust it as needed.

After all, that’s part of the reason why this thing called clarity can be so elusive. Not only do we set it and forget it, but we also don’t realize it’s totally normal for it to change and shift on us.

So, take a lesson from me and don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s part of life’s adventure, and if you believe you could use some clarity to help you out, then do something about it, pat yourself on the back and get on with living this fabulous thing called life!

Sidenote: If this was a post on my blog you’d be able to comment right below this article so I could hear what’s going on in your life. But you know what works just as well? Hitting the reply button and sharing in an e-mail :D

Viva la clarity!!!


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