Enthusiasm – The God Within

February 1, 2011

In Greek the word “enthusiasm” is enthousiasmos and initially translated to “the god within,” but was later extended to mean “inspiration caused by a god.” Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a source or cause of great excitement or interest.” When we are enthusiastic, we are full of energy. When we are enthusiastic, we are high as a kite. When we are enthusiastic, we are narrowly focused in the now. When we are enthusiastic, we are connected to the god within us.

Whether you call it “God” or “life source” or “the real you,” I think the point is that you’ve tapped into something bigger than yourself. I’m sure you’ve done it before and can remember the sheer excitement that comes with it, sort of like an unbridled exhilaration that makes you talk faster when telling someone about it, wake up with only one thing on your mind and plasters a smile across your face that you can’t wipe off.

When was the last time you were genuinely enthusiastic about something in your personal life? What about in your work life? Do you think it matters if you have more enthusiasm in one versus the other? Why?

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