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Resistance Is Futile!

It’s hard to listen, hear and see all the messages coming at us around the New Year about losing weight and getting in shape. I’m not sure exactly how this time of year became so popular with that message, but here we are with the ads all over the place and me trying not to think about it. Ha!

You know what happens when you resist right? There’s a saying in the LOA (Law of Attraction) community, “What you resist persists.” If you think about it, it’s true. When we resist something we are still thinking about it – are we not? And when we’re annoyed with something – don’t we think about it A LOT? And when we think about something a lot (and especially when it’s emotionally charged) – aren’t we programming our subconscious? Yeah…

Sure enough I’ve seen more and more commercials and Facebook ads, heard more people talk about getting healthier, and noticed that while I go to the gym three times a week, I’m not really getting the results I want. Damn it ;)

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So while I’m noticing all the lumps and bumps, while I’m thinking there’s no way I’m willing to go to a spinning class, while I’m wondering how long it will take my yoga classes to make a difference, while I’m starting to doubt my eating habits – it’s all doing one thing: creating a swirling vortex of energy and subconscious programming focused on my being unhappy with my body. Foiled!

So what can I do about that? What can you do about whatever thoughts you’re letting run rampant in your life to your own dismay? That is the million-dollar question! Happily, the answer is not as complicated as you might expect.

Yes, you could listen to CDs while you sleep to reprogram your subconscious beliefs. Yes, you could look at yourself in the mirror daily and say “I love you. I really, really love all of you.” And yes, you could keep a journal espousing all the wonderful things you are grateful about ‘said issue.’ All valid options, but there is another way that I find refreshing and fun at the same time (what a novel idea, eh?!)

Be like Switzerland.

Observe without judging. Notice your thoughts without criticizing them. Next time you find yourself entrenched in negative thoughts, I challenge you to respond in a different way. Perhaps:

  • Be respectful: “Huh. That’s an interesting thought.”
  • Be devil’s advocate: “I suppose that’s one way to look at it.”
  • Be cute: “You don’t say?”

Remember, you want to drop the resistance and let things flow; you don’t want to fight with yourself by judging any ‘negative’ thoughts and feeling bad.


Change it up. Act like a kid, do something silly, or just play with the thought. Once you become aware of the thought, try something like:

  • Laugh out loud and exclaim in the most fitting accent you can muster, “You so crazy!” or “Oh no you di-int!
  • Sing the Name Game with whatever you’re thinking about (sing it with me everyone, “Money, money, bo-buny…banana, fanna, fo-funy…fee, fi, mo-money…money!”)
  • Do the Hokey Pokey and turn yourself around (literally and figuratively!)
  • Decide on a powerful theme song for yourself, load it on your phone and anytime you need a pick-me-up just blare it out loud (click here for a list of my fave’s)

The point here is to just ask yourself what you could do in that moment to feel better and then do it!

That’s it! It really doesn’t have to be any more complicated than this, although you must admit that we humans are experts at complexity and often times seem to prefer it to the training acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly).

All I know for sure is that when I’m predominantly feeling good, that brings more things into my life that feel good. Of course the same holds true when I’m predominantly feeling bad. It’s a wonderfully horrible cycle that I admit I slip in and out of. The good news, once again – is that how I feel is MY CHOICE. How you feel is YOUR CHOICE. And as humans, we have the unique power to choose how we feel regardless of what’s happening in our lives.

I know, I know – that can feel glib but what can I say, sometimes the truth hurts. I can assure you, I’ve been there. At times in my life it was really hard to pay my bills – so I’d make up games to shift my vibe. I’d write out a check, stand up, and bequeath my good fortune to those it would help. I would literally act like I was getting an award and make a speech about how grateful I was to pass money along to those who need it more than me. To Ann, the single mother who will process the payment and with that part-time job will be able to buy Christmas gifts for her three kids this year. To Bob, her supervisor who nearly quit his job because of the excessive hours he was putting in until he was allowed to hire dear Ann. To Rick, my dedicated postman who always quietly said thank you any time someone on his route actually used the mail system that seemed to be dwindling every year. Etc., etc. – you get the point.

Now I’m working on finding fun and kooky things to do to shift my body vibe. Thus far I signed up for a belly dancing class and put this sexy picture of Sofia Loren on my desktop:

photo sofia loren with quote

It’s all a process, my friends, and I’m delighted to be sharing it with you. If you have any suggestions for me on how you’ve managed to drop your resistance to something that had been plaguing you – by all means send it my way ’cause I’m always eager to play with something new!

Till next time, here’s to our possibilities!
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