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Release the Old & Embrace the New

I’ve been hearing this sentiment more and more. Perhaps because it’s what I need to hear with what’s going on in my life; perhaps because of all the interesting Mayan calendar stuff that’s happening; or perhaps because the end of the year is coming up.

As Oprah once said, “If you don’t empty your hands of what you have, how can you ever be given something new?” Yeah, Oprah rocks.

If you’ve heard this a few times as well, you may be tempted to dismiss it as a nice thought and go on with your day. I’d like to challenge you to actually think about it today, so I’m going to help you break it down – cuz that’s how I roll!

WHAT does it mean?

In order to take that phrase to heart, you’ve got to first have an awareness and then release the old and embrace the new. A lot of women I talk to have a “feeling” that something is off but sometimes it can be hard to admit (like me admitting my super cool RV voyage is no longer what I want to be doing).

In short though, here are some other ways to break down the phrase and get your head wrapped around it:

  • Awareness = acknowledge, evaluate, identify, stop denying
  • Release = shed, surrender, let go, put a stake in the ground
  • Embrace = accept, embody, allow, take the bull by the horns

WHY would you want to do that?

Simple, there’s something to gain or something you will lose if you don’t. So just ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What would letting go of the ‘old’ and accepting the ‘new’ do for me?
  2. If I don’t and stick with the ‘old’ – what won’t I eventually enjoy?

For me, I know that letting go of the RV (for now) will give me the chance to be a contributing member of a community, to find more speaking engagements, and to eventually find someone special to share it all with.

HOW do you start?

Okay, if you’re on board and ready to do some housecleaning of sorts, let’s focus on the awareness part and really flesh that out.

I’m tempted to suggest that you start with a stiff drink and some tough love, but whether that’s your style or not – the point is you need to be able and willing to see some hard truths because denial is way easier and we can cloak them in all kinds of fancy explanations and excuses.

  1. If time, money, resources, and skills were no option –
    what would you really want?
  2. How are the circumstances of your life contributing toward or moving you from what you really want?
  3. If a friend of yours came to you for advice with the exact same situation, what alternatives could you help them brainstorm?

I hope this helps give you some ideas of how you can work through “your normal.” If there is something in your life that is not serving you, then congratulations because being open and aware is the first step!

Unfortunately, sometimes working through it on our own only scratches the surface and while you can put a superficial Band-Aid on it, more often than not, the same issue can reappear shortly after. This is where my services can really help. Rather than spending time and emotional energy over and over on something, I can help you cut to the heart of it: figure it out, deal with it, and make a plan to get over it. (How do you think I’ve been able to make my way through this recent maze? Yeah, my coaches!)

If you’d like some help, I’d be happy to explore your situation with you. (Life redesigns: it’s what I do for me and my clients!)

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