Calling all High-Achieving Professional Women!




STOP LETTING TIME PASS YOU BY and give yourself the gift of a Quantum Leap in 2012! As more and more of us feel the pull to step into something greater, we are also experiencing the limiting beliefs and self sabotage that sometimes draws us away. While we can sense a greatness inside us that is dying to get out, the comfort of our daily existence makes it hard to take those first steps.

If you’re ready to let go of the status quo and step into your greatness, then read on!

Dear Ms. Professional High Achiever,

Are you stuck in a life that looks beautiful on the outside but is no longer serving you on the inside?

Take this quick 10-question quiz to find out:

  • Are you avoiding making a New Year resolution because last year didn’t go so great?
  • Is this something you’ve wanted to do but have been putting off?
  • Are you wondering how you got where you are – - and where the time went?
  • Do you daydream of escaping the life you’ve built for something else?
  • Do you feel beaten down, tired of what-is but paralyzed to do anything about it?
  • Are you conflicted about how to bridge the gap between your current reality and desire for something different?
  • Have you become so used to your life as-is that you’ve lost trust in yourself, your natural abilities and your intuition?
  • When you consider how to change your situation, do you find yourself wondering how in the world you could do it?
  • Are you worried that if you did attempt to change something in your life, it would be too easy to give up when it got too hard?
  • Are you looking for a clear path to the other side? One that won’t add to the overwhelm and stress you’re already feeling?

If you could check off at least 3 of these, then I’m here to help you have a break through year! Why? Simple… My mission in life is to liberate women from the traps of their own success and to empower them to create a new, deliberate life. As a matter of fact, one of my top 3 goals for 2012 is to significantly empower 500 women! Which is why this offer is so full of value for such a good price – but more on that in a moment.

Why the Quantum Leap Your 2012 in 6 Weeks Course?

I’m Sara Russell and much like you, I was once trapped by my own success because as a high achiever, I fed off of doing well.  Excelling at what I did and being rewarded with more responsibility and money actually made it harder and harder to leave the ‘beautiful’ life I’d created – even though I felt like I was dying inside.  In time, my achievements started to define me and snowballed out of control before I realized I wasn’t passionate about anything I was doing and desperately wanted something different.

I don’t care if the change you want is small, moderate or titanic – any kind of change is hard until you figure out how to navigate it. When I finally got up the nerve to voice the changes I wanted in my life, got clear about what was involved and started actively moving through my plan – magic happened!

A desire is never placed in your heart without the opportunity to see it manifested, but as Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Once I had the courage and support to move through my own plan to break through to the next phase of my life, well – 4 short months later my life was totally different. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I had friends clamoring to find out how in the heck I did it.

Specifically, they wanted to figure out how to cultivate the courage they needed to make changes in their own lives – WITHOUT the angst of judgment, uncertainty and financial worries.

I took some time to figure out how I broke through the comfortable walls that held me captive for so long. What I came up with looked awfully familiar and sure enough, as I began studying other successful people – I quickly realized that they used the same steps themselves (although everyone has their own names for it – the underlying truths are powerfully evident when you take a closer look). With my own experience and research that confirmed it, was able to put together a BREAK OUT PLAN that cared for anticipating all the twists and turns that come with taking big steps. In the end, I’ve essentially paved the way for you!

While I’ve been helping individuals redesign their lives in my private practice, the 15-year trainer in me was dying to find a way to do it in a way that makes it even MORE powerful. By combining what I knew to be true with the real life experiences of my clients – I’ve designed a class with adult learning methodologies that ensures no matter what type of learner you are – you will easily connect with the content. I also included done-for-you materials to expedite your individual realizations, a group forum to leverage the support of a like-minded community and of course will record every call so that it will fit into any schedule  – - and all for a seriously affordable price. (That’s what Dr. Steven Covey would call a win-win-win!)

Regardless of the size of transformation – when it comes to every successful BREAK THROUGH, there’s a mastermind behind it with a brilliant strategy and methodical plan. I am that mastermind and I have the experience, the strategy and plan neatly prepared and tied with a bow just waiting for you to unwrap it!

It’s called Quantum Leap Your 2012 in Just 6 Weeks.

Please, if you’ve wanted something that is dear to your heart, or you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to come around the corner, convinced that “something” will present itself in order for you to stop living a status quo life and make changes necessary – THIS IS IT! I know that feeling oh-so well and honestly believe that I went through the journey I did for a reason, and that reason was to navigate the fields of the unknown in order to help others…in order to help you.

So for goodness sake – use my experience, use me, this opportunity…and combine it with your desire to have a more fulfilling life. You so deserve this!

Quantum Leap Your 2012 in Just 6 Weeks will make sure you:

  • get crystal clear on where you want to go so you know the easiest and fastest way to get there
  • prepare the mindset you’ll need, so that you don’t let fear or doubt stand in your way
  • create a clear and inspiring action plan so you’ll know what to do and why
  • an “inside-out” action plan so that your plan is SUSTAINABLE
  • support throughout this process so that you’re not alone

At the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll have 6 recorded calls and done-for-you worksheets that walk you through the step-by-step system.

That means in the end you’ll be able to:

  • Use your customized plan throughout all of 2012
  • Manage and shift your mindset any time you need a boost
  • Make difficult decisions in 10-minutes or less
  • Achieve great things with minimal effort

Don’t let another year slip by, you can do this!

Don’t sit on the sidelines continuing to play it safe because you’re not sure how it will all work out.

The only way to figure something out is to START. You would be AMAZED at what happens when you make a commitment…honestly amazed.

To help you have a better appreciation, take a look at what others experienced with my help in 2011:

Chrissy was able to avoid returning to J.O.B. by opening up to new and creative ways to operate her own business that led to a new car, trip to Italy, overcoming a serious health issue, continued flexible hours to work around her kids, and incredible peace (financially and otherwise)

JD started things off well by finding the perfect summer employees to reduce her stress for her already struggling business, which prompted a shift in attitude and resulted in experiencing more and more unexpected windfalls as she stopped getting in her own way…now she no longer feels like she’s fighting an uphill battle but instead is enjoying regular get-a-ways to decompress and a rekindling romance with her husband

Jenny took a four month sabbatical from the contract work she’d been doing, explored her dreams and in the end decided to return to corporate America for more money and responsibility but with less confusion about who she was and how she’d operate in the position. In the process she also found a solution for a long-time health issue and uncovered relationship issues that left unattended could’ve resulted in divorce.

Each person mentioned considers their achievements major successes AND each one got a couple of extra benefits they weren’t even looking for! Needless to say, this stuff works. Of course, the choice is yours but in the end, we either create our lives deliberately or by default. Let me help you GET on and STAY on the path you want to be on.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Quantum Leap Your 2012 in Just 6 Weeks:

Week 1: Kick-off

  • Welcome, introductions and logistics to make sure you’re set up to succeed.
  • What are your personal values?
  • Answering this ensures you don’t waste time running down a rabbit hole expecting to find a meerkat.
  • Results include the ability to use my  unique10-minute decision making tool.

Week 2: Clarify your desires

  • Why do you want what you want and what exactly is it?
  • Only with this foundational key you can begin to deliberately create your life.
  • Results include cutting through a lot of confusion and discovering what you’re most passionate about accomplishing in 2012.

Week 3: Redefine your rules

  • What’s holding you back?
  • Figure out your weak spots so you can compensate for them by building them in your plan.
  • Results include eliminating time wasters, shining a light on internal conflicts and removing previous blocks so you are fully empowered to execute in 2012!

Week 4: Manage your mindset

  • What are you thinking most of the time?
  • Gain the strength and resources to persevere with the resources to support your change through the natural transition phases that often trip us up.
  • Results include the ability to move through change rapidly during 2012.

Week 5: Engage your emotions

  • Do we really have control over our feelings?
  • Expedite your change process with much more ease, grace and fun than you ever anticipated by leveraging your emotions.
  • Results include more frequent and longer waves of positive feelings, enabling you to stick with your plan for 2012.

Week 6: Create your inside-out action plan

  • Why is it so hard to follow through anyway?
  • Leave with a 10-month plan that actually cares for every part of you (body, mind, spirit) with a holistic approach.
  • Results include a tangible plan you can realistically “work” to catapult you to achieving your plan in 2012.

And that’s not all! Also included in the Quantum Leap Your 2012 in Just 6 Weeks is:

  • 6 content calls by ME (One a week for 6 weeks)
  • Each call includes content, your Q&A and laser coaching – One per week
  • Recordings of every call should you miss it or better yet, want to listen to it again anytime during the year
  • Done-for-you materials provided to allow you to work through your own unique situation in detail
  • An online forum in which members can meet, questions and answers can be shared and where the power of many is harnessed and available at your fingertips
  • BONUS!!! a 30-minute private one-on-one coaching session with me to work through any final questions about your custom plan

Register now for this VALUE PACKED OPPORTUNITY!

Quantum Leap Your 2012 in Just 6 Weeks!

Calls will take place every Tuesday night at 8PM Eastern

We start on January 24th so you will have your plan locked and loaded for March 1st

Because I know this program is going to help you quantum leap into 2012 and I feel so passionate about everyone having access to this, I’ve taken 50% off the regular rate.

That’s right, you can supercharge your 2012 AND save 50%!

Your investment today is only – $149 – for this amazing 6-week course.

Do you know someone else who wants to (or needs to) take a quantum leap in 2012? Perhaps a close friend or family member?

For a limited time when you reserve TWO SPOTS, your investment is only – $199 –
That’s a HUGE SAVINGS of nearly $100!

Are you ready to stop wishing and hoping and instead actually make a plan and start experiencing changes that will take your breath away? I really hope you’ll take me up on this well priced offer so you can focus your efforts and move forward toward your heart’s desires now instead of later – - aren’t you done with later?

So here’s to you – to your possibilities – rich as they are, just waiting for you to seize them!
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Queen of Possibilities
Sara Russell, a Life Strategy Coach, specializes in helping women who are trapped by their own success. Midlife makeovers are her specialty since she walked the walk by quitting corporate America, selling everything and following her dream of traveling full time with a mobile business.

Today Sara serves fellow high achievers, who find themselves in a life by default, to actually redesign things so they’re blissfully connected to their passion and loved ones without compromising their financial peace. Read more about Sara.

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