Picture the Possibilities

If you love basking in your possibilities…

If you want a tool that makes you grin ear to ear and gives you a good vibe…

Play in your possibilities and enjoy being lighthearted about it…

If you’re looking for a fresh way to reinforce your dreams without adding yet another regular meditation to your already unbalanced schedule…

Get out of your own way!

Honestly, if you don’t have time to meditate on your goals or haven’t looked at your vision board in a year, it’s time to look for another way to achieve what you’re after. Stop beating yourself up for not following what’s on your evil “should” list and do what works for you

Yes, what we focus on expands.

Yes, thoughts become things.

Yes, emotions play an even bigger role in it all.

Picture the Possibilities - One Picture Sara with HorseIf you’re nodding your head, then let me say it again: get out of your own way and stop beating yourself up. Do you think berating yourself is the kind of emotion you want to be putting out there for the Universe to make sure you get more of? Oh heck no. So, while I love and adore my Book of Possibilities™, I started with one picture.

Give your subconscious mind a new story in a fun way. I think we’re all aware that the subconscious part of our mind is the powerhouse that really makes things happen. Fine, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve been reading about it, doing EFT, saying Affirmations every night, etc. to the point of it driving the fun part of you away. That leaves you with just the head and no heart, so you can think all the positive thoughts you want but if you’re not feeling yourself get excited about them in some way, the power you have isn’t being maximized in the slightest. 

What to do, you may ask? Easy. 

Leverage these lessons from childhood. Oh, what we could learn from the mouth of babes! Well, maybe not their mouth so much as their general “being-ness.” Here’s a couple of my favorites that play right into the beauty of these products:

  1. Share. That’s the first rule you learn when you start socializing, yet when it comes to our dreams and aspirations, we seem to put it on the back burner. While I understand that, when you’re just starting to nurture your dream, there comes a time when you need to step into it and declare it to be yours. Whether you get a bull horn and scream it from the rooftops is up to you; personally, I like the idea of sharing it in a more casual way. Either way, there is power in sharing your dream.
  2. Celebrate. Oh my gosh, when we were kids, the adults would celebrate all kinds of silly things we did. Why? Other than out of sheer love, it was to reinforce desired behaviors. When’s the last time you celebrated your dream? Felt proud and excited? I suspect you’re overdue. There is power in celebrating your dream.

If you haven’t already read about the Book of Possibilities™, what I’m talking about is finding ways to get emotional about what you want (emotional in a good way). It’s a concept I call the Emotionalization System™ and it’s a method whereby you can engage Universal Laws by celebrating the actualization of your dreams NOW instead of somewhere off in the future. 

The simple act of looking at your Possibility Picture and feeling a deep, satisfying knowing inside you is magical. It feels like a combination of faith and already having the answer while everyone else is still looking. Those feelings will expedite the manifestation of your dreams and add more fun back into the journey (only compounding the good feelings if you think about it). 

If you want to live your biggest, boldest life consider what Picture the Possibilities can do for you.

Just imagine yourself sitting at your desk on a busy day when yet another person walks in wanting something from you and your picture catches their eye. While they wait for you to review whatever they brought in, they gaze at it and with a half smile ask you about it. For a moment you’re both able to leave the office and relax, maybe taking a couple of minutes to talk about each other’s dreams. 

Ahhhhh, not only does that feel good in and of itself, but by sharing such an exchange you now have a different perspective about one another and no longer is it, “Tim, the man who lives by meetings” because you know he wants to travel the country when he retires. And you, well you’re no longer the “woman who can’t live without caffeine” because now he knows what pulls at your heart strings too. By sharing and celebrating your dream, you’ve just given it more life and power of its own. 

We’ll customize your picture(s) to reflect what makes you take a deep breath and smile every time you think of it.

  • Ever dream of a career full of passion and recognition?
  • Ever dream of financial freedom so you can enjoy more while helping others?
  • Ever dream of traveling extensively in a manner that most suits you?
  • Ever dream of a second home…or third or fourth or fifth?
  • Ever dream of having the time to enjoy a favorite hobby?
  • Ever dream of health being a state of mind instead of a “to-do” item?

Framed Collage of Possibilities

If you’re a fan of quality pieces to hang on your wall, imagine putting this above your fireplace or in the foyer to look at every time you come and go. What a strong way to announce to the Universe what you want and expect!

  • Consists of three or five Photoshopped pictures:
    • a black or mahogany frame
    • a white, black, or cream matte
    • a high quality print of your customized photos in black & white or color
  • Step 1: Fill out a questionnaire and spend 30 minutes on the phone with me
  • Step 2: Approve/redirect suggested background images I provide to you
  • Step 3: Electronically send the photos of you as directed based on backgrounds
  • Step 4: Select matte and frame options
  • Price: Varies, between $375 and $525, depending on the number of pictures involved and how many people are Photoshopped into the photo.
  • Email me now to get this started.

Sweet & Simple 8×10 Possibility

Put it in your office or living room and enjoy telling people all about it when they ask. Perfect for you or someone you love because, let’s face it, this will make you smile!

  • Consists of one picture ready to be framed.
  • Step 1: Fill out a simple questionnaire
  • Step 2: Approve/redirect suggested background images I provide to you
  • Step 3: Electronically send the photo of you as directed based on background
  • Price: Starts at $75, with an additional charge of $10 per extra person to be Photoshopped into the photo.
  • Email me now to get this started.

Check out your other options: Other Possibilities. Got questions? Email me or Schedule a FREE Discovery Session.