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Peaceful or List-Full?

The end of the year can be full of highs and lows, chaos and joy, both peaceful and list-full. Like everything in life, we need the contrast of the two so that we can more easily enjoy and fully appreciate the other. After all, if everything in life was 100% perfectly serene, all the time, every day – would we even notice?

Hmm, to help you get a sense of where you fall between these extremes, answer the following questions and pay attention to how many yeses you respond with for each:


  • Are you running around trying to get all 20+ things done?
  • Are you physically running out of room to write on your to-do list? (Or, are you juggling so many that you have multiple to-do lists per day?)
  • Are you squeezing every minute out of every single day?
  • Are the tops of your shoulders and/or neck tight?
  • Are you suffering from more frequent or potent headaches?


  • Do you find yourself taking a deep breath, stopping in your tracks, looking around at how beautiful this world is?
  • Do you find yourself smiling at the holiday decorations everywhere?
  • Do you find yourself humming holiday songs?
  • Do you find yourself experiencing more frequent moments of a full heart?
  • Do you find yourself telling people how much they mean to you?

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t fall onto the hamster wheel cycle of go-go-go now and again. Maybe there’s no real way to completely avoid that aspect; however, I do think it’s important to balance out those go-go-go’s so those highs can be savored along the way.

Which brings me to the question you may be asking yourself: how much contrast between these is the right balance? Well, you may not like my answer but it’s simple and painfully obvious. (Painful because a lot of us don’t like to admit it is true!) The “perfect” balance between highs and lows would be a 50-50 split, that is what balance means, right?

Now, before you get your red and white holiday knickers in a twist, let me clarify one thing. I don’t think that necessarily means the TIME between the two has to be perfectly equal; rather, I believe it’s all about the strength of the FEELINGS.

Let me translate. You could be physically rushing around from store to jam-packed store, checking things off your list, parking in the last spot blocks away, AND still taking notice of the beautiful store window displays while smiling at the little girl or boy waddling by in their full winter gear, which triggers a memory from years past that makes you nostalgic.

You can be peaceful AND list-full.

As always, you have a CHOICE. You can think, feel, and do things from a perspective of holiday madness or heartfelt joy. You can do one, the other, or both. That’s right, I said it: you can have your cake and eat it too! You are the creator of your life experiences, so what do you want to create?

If you like the idea of having it all, perhaps you’d like to not only conquer your bipolar challenges of the Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza holidays, but also tame the voices in your head related to moving into a new year without having accomplished all you wanted to THIS year?

Based on what I’ve been hearing from my clients and in my community, which you are a part of, I know how hard it is for you to reflect on 2011 without judging and plan for 2012 without worrying. So, as a thank you for being part of my community, I’m combining some new material I’ve been working on about cultivating courage with my inside-out approach to give you a gift that keeps on giving!

If that’s a gift you’d like to unwrap, then click here to register for a two-part free teleseminar designed to do just that. If not, then by all means pass this gift on to someone you know who could use some help with judging and worrying (what an awesome gift-giver that would make you!)


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