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How to Find Your Guiding Light

Just like the Christmas season seems to start right after Halloween nowadays, the marketing efforts for New Year’s Eve don’t seem to wait for Christmas to pass before we are bombarded with enticing commercials about how we could be better versions of ourselves if only we’d simply buy their product or service. To borrow a phrase from Ebenezer Scrooge, I say “Humbug.”

Of all the holidays we celebrate throughout the year, the transition to a new year feels especially personal – even sacred. After all, it’s not about anyone else, just ourselves. We have religious holidays, show your love holidays, national pride holidays and out of date but now totally commercialized holidays. We do not have an “all about me” holiday – unless you count birthdays. Those are supposedly dedicated solely to us but let’s face it, they often get muddled up with vanity and fear. If they aren’t brushed over as a childlike frivolity, they typically are a fun way of getting attention and don’t usually involve the reflective component that a New Year brings.

Of course, some would say that every day could be treated as the start of a new year, and I’d agree in principle but not application. While we may be spiritual beings having a physical experience, as humans we still need to live “in” the world. That means our schedules fill up, work projects distract us, errands and chores may annoy us – and it can be difficult to carve out time to go inward and reflect.

Which is yet another reason why I love stepping into a new calendar year! It’s all about me AND I’m reminded by mass media and friends’ Facebook posts to give it some thought. Admittedly I don’t love the constant images around losing weight or wrinkles, but I can choose what to put my attention on…I can choose how long it takes me to figure it all out…and so can you!

If we can agree on the benefits that the New Year can bring, then it’s time to discuss how to carve out a kind of resolution that’s a bit more user friendly. I did it in four steps which I’ve outlined in a helpful worksheet. However, I’d first like to elaborate as there are some key perspective shifts that you’ll need to consider.

1. Reflect on Last Year
First and foremost, you need to be in a good headspace. I think the most important part of a New Year’s Resolution (whether conventional or not) is your “come from.” You don’t want to make them when you’re feeling bummed out for not achieving something the previous year.

  • What went well last year? (list everything you can think of; it may help to think of the year in quarters or seasons)
  • What was learned last year? (this helps reframe disappointments into value added experiences)
  • How might you sum up last year? (a concise answer here will pave the way for a short phrase that you can use to guide the coming year)

2. Reflect on What’s Important to YOU
Remember, this holiday is all about you – so this is your special time to go inward with no rules attached :)

  • What are your big dreams? (generally speaking)
  • What will you be like when you’ve achieved those dreams? (think of the characteristics, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs you likely embraced)
  • Remove the bullshit factors (double check to ensure that last bullet didn’t include anything related to total perfection, societal should’s and how it would come to pass)

3. Reflect on the Next Phase
This step builds on the first two and is essentially how to switch from standard resolutions to a more powerful catch phrase. The key here is to stay at the 50,000 foot level: use broad strokes rather than a microscope when answering.

  • How have you grown over the last few years?
  • What growth phases remain between you and your dream?
  • Which phase feels most compelling to focus on first?

4. Name That Resolution Catch Phrase!
Finally, the last step involves active brainstorming followed by what may feel like an aloofness – the combination of your ego and higher self finding the perfect phrase just for you.

  • What words, phrases, movies, song lyrics, or images could describe your next growth phase in some way? (active brainstorming)
  • Review your list, make a new list of things that make the most sense to you.
  • Walk away from your list, let the ideas sink in and marinate for a while.
  • Glance back at your list when inspired and pay attention to which one keeps coming back to mind. (You may even find that you start using it; the point is, if you listen, your inner voice will let you know which one would be most useful to you.)

That’s it! It’s as easy as one-two-three-four, LOL. Regardless of how you handle your New Year’s Resolutions, or how you choose to handle moving through this new year, I wish you a truly mind-blowing, over the top awesome year in whatever way your heart desires.

Here’s to letting go of the old and opening up to the new!
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Quick Link: New Year’s Catch Phrase – Finding Your Guiding Light Worksheet


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