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Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go!

It’s Friday night and a lot of things have been going my way as of late (more so than normal). From offering and selling seats in my own 6-week course to being geographically close to my father who’s having health issues to a feeling so strong around the probability that I’ll actually be selling my RV and truck very soon, that:

For the first time it feels real.
For the first time I’m thinking, “Wow, I could be out of this thing in 2-3 weeks.”
For the first time I’m feeling anxious about it – what?!?

Thankfully, with things moving along so smoothly, when that reaction to my anxiety popped up, it was easy for me to simply acknowledge my feelings and move on. Which, by the way, resulted in a big ah-ha just minutes later. (I share that last bit because I want to point out how quickly things can happen when we don’t resist!)

As I mentioned above, my ah-ha was around the important lesson life has been repeatedly teaching me about letting go in order to receive. (Want to move to the east coast? Hello Hurricane Katrina and good-bye house. Want to get out of corporate America and travel? Hello divorce and good-bye husband and various responsibilities.) Based on what I’ve experienced and learned from others, 99% of the time that means the letting go has to happen before the receiving can even begin. And I won’t lie, that can be really tough! Tough, but so totally possible.

For example, I have proclaimed that I’m ready to return to a permanent home for awhile; specifically, one that is comfortable, has a big office and is set in a beautiful environment. In order to have that, I would be best served to let go of the way it is now. I know it’ll be easier if I’d let go of a few things in order to open up the space for what I want to come into my life.

Still, it’s tough to let go, and I’m not just talking about the physical aspect of my RV, but also giving up:

  • the beliefs I’ve cultivated around freedom from my mobile RV lifestyle;
  • the fear around committing to a place for longer than six months;
  • the hope and concern that a permanent spot would certainly make it easier to establish a more serious romantic relationship (am I ready for that?!?)

Ack! These are all pretty big thought processes that I’ll need to start shifting if ever I hope to peacefully transition into the new life that I’ve wanted and know is waiting for me. In the end, is it worth giving up a few of those things to receive a house without wheels? Oh yeah baby, it so is!

We all want something else, something different, maybe something bigger. I see it as a natural part of the human existence: a desire to expand. Unfortunately, what doesn’t seem as natural for us is the ability to let go (of materials things, expectations, judgments of ourselves, grudges against others, etc.) Why do we make it so complex?!?

So here we are – most of us – at the beginning of the year with grand ideas of what we’d like to happen within the next 12 months. Maybe we have a list of things we need to do in order to achieve them. Yet, have we given any thought to what would no longer be part of our life once we achieve them? What thought patterns, beliefs, or perspectives would be different? How would we feel and what words would we speak after accomplishing what we set out for this year? Most importantly, how do those things directly conflict with how we think, believe, perceive, feel and speak today? That gap, my friends, is where you will get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to putting effort towards your goals!

Imagine for a moment the number one thing you want and all the efforts you are putting, or are planning to put, toward making that happen. Now answer this: What have you or are you planning to let go of?

Seriously? Did you just think to yourself that you didn’t need to let anything go? Cuz I’m so sure your life will be that much easier with even more to do, right? Oh my dear, sweet, optimistic high achiever. Letting go is not a bad thing; it’s not a sign of giving up or slacking off or giving in. It’s simply a part of growing into what you want and/or who you want to become. Let go sweetheart, just let go.

Of course I say that with all the love in my heart because I, too, have shared those same sentiments – holding up my insane schedule as a badge of honor. I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be that hard. It simply doesn’t. You can still be awesome and gets lots of impressive things done – easier than before – by actually LETTING GO of some things and allowing yourself to RECEIVE. Assuming you’re open to this notion, you may be asking yourself what to actually let go of? Great question and of course I’ll be happy to tell you.

Below is a simple set of questions that will walk you through identifying what would serve you best to let go of. Again, knowing this will shine a light on what has been or is sure to hold you back from getting what you really, really want. The only caveat is that you’ll need to use a particular desire for “x” and this is best done when you have some quiet time to yourself to move top to bottom.

1a) When I achieve [x] I imagine I’ll be thinking most about…
1b) The reason I don’t think about that much now is…

2a) When I achieve [x] I’ll have a new perspective on…
2b) My current perspective on that is…

3a) When I achieve [x] I imagine I’ll feel…
3b) The reason I don’t feel that way very often now is…

4a) When I achieve [x] I’ll use words that indicate…
4b) Now when I talk about wanting [x] the words I use convey…

Bingo – any answers that didn’t match up for each pair is what would be most helpful for you to let go of! So, for example, if you expect after finding your ideal job you’ll talk about how lucky you are but currently talk about how miserable you are, then you need to let go of the “I’m so miserable” speech.

Hey, I’m not saying it’s a breeze to let go of things that have kept us safe and comfortable for so long – in some way – but I am saying if you want to achieve more with less stress, then you owe it to yourself to figure out what that would entail. Letting go of what will not serve you in the long run is exactly how you can do that!

Here’s to being open to receive and letting go to achieve!

P.S. I’m here to help you if you need me, just a simple email away, so holler if you’d like some clarity around this ;)


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