Momma Always Said…

April 1, 2011

My mother always said, “No one can make you mad; you get to choose how you feel.”

I’m inclined to write that I was cursing at her in my head when she said that, but the truth is she started that bit of wisdom when I was six or seven, so I learned at an early age that wasn’t going to fly. If you haven’t had the same opportunity to adopt that concept, it may leave you feeling a bit pissed off. That’s okay, I totally get it.

Doesn’t change the truth, though. You are the sole contributor to how you feel. The reason that may sting is because it instantly means you can’t be the victim. (Damn it!) Yep, and if you can’t be the victim that shifts some responsibility for your circumstances back to you. (Double damn it!)

But hey, the flip side is you get to choose how you feel ☺ Sorry, not trying to confuse you. What I mean is, you can feel better just by deciding you will. No one can take that way from you. Isn’t that great?

Since the Law of Attraction says “like attracts like” and that you attract what you are, wouldn’t feeling good be better than feeling bad? Don’t you want to attract more feeling good?

Of course you do! And you have total control over how you feel.

I’ll discuss how in some follow up posts, but I’d so love to hear how you already do that!

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