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Celebrate Last Year’s Successes

Rush around. Check errands off your list. Cook like you’ve never cooked before. Prepare the guest room. Go back to the grocery for the third time in one day. Attend parties and be social. Take time to reflect on the meaning of the season. These are just a few of the normal happenings in our lives during the holidays. But hold on a second, isn’t it true that sometimes our normal lives look frighteningly familiar?

Multitask any chance you get. Drive kids around like a taxi service. Maintain a regular cleaning schedule at home or regret it later. Laundry. Cooking. Cleaning. Yard work. Errands. Balancing your finances. Work out. Give extra attention to the big project at work. Relax by losing yourself in front of the TV. And maybe, just maybe, find time to have sex with your special someone. ;)

Our lives are more go-go-go than not, so it’s no wonder we forget what we did yesterday much less last week, last month, or last spring!

Before you start contemplating your New Year’s Resolutions (if you partake in such things), I highly recommend you first contemplate your Last Year’s Accomplishments!

There’s good reason for doing this. When we feel overwhelmed and stressed out that we aren’t ‘maintaining’ the status quo, it’s easy to fall prey to those bogus voices in our head telling us why we couldn’t possibly have anything bigger or better in our lives. “Might as well not even try” can easily become our internal motto.

On the other hand, when we are giving ourselves credit, feeling as though we did in fact get a lot done and are at least vaguely pleased with ourselves, it’s sooooo much easier to believe that:

  • we are more capable than we thought (look ma!)
  • we are worthy of more (I mean hellooo, look at what we did this year!)
  • we might actually be able to tackle some New Year’s resolutions (if we wanted to)

So what d’ya say? How’s about giving this a go? I promise you’ll feel better if you do! And I’ll make it easy, cuz that’s how I roll. All you need is either pen and paper or a computer (which you may very well be on at this very moment – how serendipitous!) Just start writing or typing and let yourself go. There are no rules other than it needs to be framed in the positive (i.e.,”landed a new job” totally trumps “got a new job even though I didn’t want to.”) Treat your thoughts and journaling like when you microwave popcorn: even when they start to slow down, wait for the one that’s just around the corner so you don’t lose it. Once you notice no more thoughts are coming at all, stop and enjoy! To get you off on the right foot, I’ll do one to show you what it might look like…

Went to my first Mardi Gras Ball. Moved to a new city. Got out of my comfort zone (over and over again). Opened my heart to a new romantic relationship. Overcame a lot of limiting beliefs, gremlin voices, doubting Debbies, and flat out fears. Spent time with my father before he passed away. Supported my sister with big lifestyle changes. Spoke to over 600 women about empowerment. Paid off debt. Well compensated to do what I love. Grew spiritually. Wrote more newsletters. Created home study program. Active president of NAPW chapter. President of dog park committee. Became an aunt. Meditated and did yoga more often. Met new, cool people along the way. Took a two-week Mediterranean cruise.

Doesn’t that sound better than the first two paragraphs? Yeah, in just a few minutes you too can feel better about your 2012. Then, with a happy heart and fulfilled spirit you can move gracefully into the next wonderful year whose arms are wide open, ready to embrace you and all your glory!

Once you’re done, raise a glass and toast yourself:

Roses are red, violets are blue…
This was a wonderful year and the next one will be too!

Celebrating your accomplishments with you from afar,
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