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Just 3 Months in 2011? No Problem!

I’ve started hearing people bemoan that we only have three months left in the year, so right here and now I’m challenging myself and you to consider what can happen in that time and to be open to the gifts that are waiting for us in those last 90 days simply by being clear.

To help with the overwhelm and anxiety I know comes with the end of the year, I’d like to help reframe it by giving your mind another way to perceive it. Then I’ll share an easy exercise to help cut through those darn internal and external voices telling you it’s no use. (That’s just fear in disguise and we all know what fear stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real. I say out with fear and in with clear!)

Here we go, let’s get our clear on…

STEP 1: Reframe It
You can choose to perceive three months in any number of ways, but here are some ideas that may help you open up to the possibilities.

  • 3 months = 12 weeks = 90 days = 1,260 hours of non-sleep time
  • Remember how long three months felt when you went on summer break?
  • Beginning runners can do a 10k following a 10-week preparation plan ;)
  • Plenty of people plan an entire wedding in just three months

A lot can happen in three months; don’t willingly let that time go by giving into the hype the end of the year is a useless time to get anything done.

STEP 2: Break It Down
Start with an overarching goal for 2011. Perhaps you can remember your New Year’s resolution from January, but if not, don’t force it. Just identify the feelings you’d like to have when 2011 is over. Then in relation to that:

  • Create goals for October, November and December
  • Limit your monthly goals to 1-3 things
  • Take a balanced approach so you won’t stress over ignoring one area of your life. For example, a personal goal, work goal, and social/family goal.

Of course you’ll get other things done in each month, but the point here is to pick something that is outside your normal routine, something you want to shine the light on so it doesn’t get lost.

STEP 3: Build It Up
Much like the armed services, the strategy of breaking down the old and building up the new is particularly helpful when it comes to tackling big things like finishing the year strong. I recommend building yourself up by:

  • Using afformations just before going to bed. This technique uses positive questions instead of positive statements and would sound something like, “How have I been able to accomplish ‘x’ so easily?” Asking this just before sleep gives your subconscious something to work on while you sleep ;)
  • Any time you’re debating what to do, just ask yourself which choice is most aligned with your top goal(s) for the month.

This is actually a very abbreviated version of what I’ve started helping people with when it comes to finding their top five passions. I read and took the Passion Test by Janet and Chris Attwood and have witnessed how it’s helped me, so now I’m incorporating that into my own practice. Clarity was already step one of my program, but now helping my clients get it is way easier, and I like easier and bet you do too!

So here’s to an easy last three months of this year…to keeping what’s most important top of mind and enjoying it as it unfolds so gracefully in our lives. Happy 4th!


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