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Here’s Your Permission Prescription

Many of you are in corporate America, so imagine a co-worker of yours has discovered a huge flaw in some process at work that you and a lot of other people are regularly engaged in. What it is and how she figured it out doesn’t matter, the point is her discovery would easily save each of you 10 hours of work a week and since you’re consistently working more than 40, wouldn’t that be valuable?

There’s just one hang up, this process has been around for what feels like forever and while small modifications have been suggested, no one has ever made much of a dent in it. Add to that the fact that her position is tied closely with this process, taking up most of her time and the uncertainty of this economy has her worried that by sharing it, she’ll end up working her way out of a job.

What should she do?

You and I probably agree she should put on her big girl panties, get over her nerves and share it because if she doesn’t, she’s hurting others and her chances of growing professionally, right? We would totally give her permission if she asked, but she needs to be the one to accept it and act on it.

Yeah… So what about you, what are you not giving yourself permission to do? Perhaps you need permission to:

  • find time for the things that really matter to you?
  • speak your truth, no matter what?
  • enjoy a job or new career that lights you up?
  • date around to find that special someone?
  • make more money than your spouse by going after that promotion?
  • do what it takes to feel the zest of your true passion on a regular basis

In the end I believe everything we experience is tied to one of two things: fear (pain) and love (pleasure). So here’s what I learned last weekend: when you feel fear, don’t let it be your red stop sign. Instead, let it be your neon green flashing arrows that lights the way! Treat fear with kindness and explore what it’s trying to keep you from, then thank it and give yourself permission to do it anyway.

The fear of not having time for yourself, not speaking your truth, not looking for a new job/career, not dating, not making more money, not doing what you’re passionate about…they could be your neon green sign to give yourself permission to be important enough, intelligent enough, worthy enough. In short, they could be the door that if stepped though allows you to be the incredibly powerful being you already are.

You have so much to offer this world just by being the full and complete YOU. Many of us have forgotten that we are deliberately creating our lives with the things we think, say and do. I know that can be frustrating because it puts the responsibility of what you’re experiencing squarely on your shoulders, but let me remind you: the same principle means you have total and complete control of where your life goes from here.

When I work with clients I help them do this by expanding their goals to be as big and obnoxious as possible. Sometimes we play the what-if game, and always I’m asking them “why not?” until we get to the root of their issues so we can easily work on transforming their fear into permission. (Feel free to take those same steps and execute them yourself. Just beware of doing this with friends who may not want you to grow beyond their comfort zone.)

You can do this…you can have more…you deserve every bit of it. Ahhhh, if only you’d give yourself permission to walk through that door – there is such a wonderful world waiting for you on the other side!!!


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