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Over the past month, we’ve discussed starting fresh, using simple solutions, and making an active choice in the story we tell ourselves and others.

[Here is my latest article and blog posts is case you missed them.]

Do either of these describe where you’re at right now?

  • You are making conscious choices, keeping things simple, and giving yourself the freedom to start today brand new (even if yesterday went to pot). Still, your life just doesn’t seem to ever get there – your special happy place.
  • You’ve found yourself in that place again (the not-so-happy place), wondering how in the world this happened for the third or fourth or fifth time, despite all your hard work.

If either sound familiar, then here’s my simple solution:


Okay, not very elegant I know, but I think it’s something we could all use regardless of what’s going on in our lives. If things are good, then this advice will help us stop taking it for granted and consciously appreciate it. If things aren’t so good, then this advice is a great wake up call that what we’ve been doing isn’t working.

Before you underestimate the complexity of this solution, let me explain what it requires:

  1. Awareness that you’re on autopilot.
  2. Honesty to do a true self-evaluation.
  3. Paradigm shift to remove the old filter and look through a new one.

The great news is you don’t need anything other than yourself to make this happen. No self-help books, no therapist, no nothing; just you and your thoughts. You are fully capable of “Snapping Out of It” on your own.

In case you need some inspiration, here are some questions that may help get you started:

  • Do I have the life I want? If so, how’d that happen? If not, why not?
  • For the most part, how have I been feeling? Do I want more of that?
  • Has my body been supporting me every day with what’s on my plate?
  • How has what’s been going on serve me? What has it gotten me ready for?
  • What can I do to help me focus on the good stuff coming my way?

The last question can take you any number of directions, from journaling to two minutes of breathing in appreciation to taking a class to incorporating accountability in your life to leaving the RV and setting down some roots. ;)

I dare you to take this last question very seriously by starting with this simple action: email me and tell me what you’re gonna do. I’d love to celebrate your awareness and action with you; plus, proclaiming “it” has special powers that should not be underestimated.

Whatever you do, I hope you add a pat on the back because there’s hearing advice like “Snap Out of It” and then there’s listening to it. If you’ve gotten this far then you’ve been listening and that’s a step in the right direction!

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