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From Cloud 9 to Splat in 2.5 Seconds

Ahhhh, Cloud 9 is such a lovely place isn’t it? It’s that special mental state where everything in your world seems to be perfect, regardless of whether it actually is or not. I’d relate it to being in a state of euphoria which, technically, is an effect but is often considered an emotion defined as an intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment.

Oh yeah, love me some Cloud 9 euphoria!

No doubt you’ve visited Cloud 9 a few times as well; perhaps when you first held your newborn child, finished your first marathon, fell in love, or got the promotion you’d been working so hard for.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to stay on Cloud 9 for any length of time and, after we’ve visited, anything else can feel like a total let down. Bummer.

So we go from feeling high as a kite, walking on air, and chilling out on Cloud 9 to coming off that high, feeling funky, maybe hitting a wall (or not) and going "splat."

Why is that? Is there a conspiracy that only allows us so much of a good thing? Is it the solar flares or full moon that turns things topsy-turvy? Or…is it the natural yin-yang that guides everything in life?

Yeah, I’m gonna go with the latter. The more I observe life, the more I recognize the various laws that guide it. Beyond things like the traditional law of gravity, or even the contemporary law of attraction. One such law that applies to what I’m discussing here is the law of polarity, which states everything has an opposite. Up has down, right has left, inside has outside, good has bad, and well, Cloud 9 has splat.

It's actually quite beautiful with the way it plays out. Yet it's hard for us to see perfection when all we're feeling is the "splat-ness" of it all. (Ha, ha – do you like the way I keep making up words? It's fun, you should try it!) In our fits of frustration it can be hard to see the reality of the situation: every dark tunnel has a light at the end.

No worries, though; for a few simple questions can help shift your perspective and make it easier to roll with the punches, bounce back, get back on track, or whatever other colloquialism you'd like to use.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re feeling a splat coming on:

  • What is changing in my world that's making me uncomfortable?
  • How can that serve me in some way?
  • What is it I want to get out of this experience?

While these questions will not prevent you from going splat, I do believe they'll keep you feeling more even keel throughout any dramatic ups and downs. After all, how we feel predominantly shapes what we experience in life. So minimizing discomfort and reframing things can go a long, long way.

In the meantime, I wouldn't change any of my splats. They've all served me well and at the end of the day, they just haven't been that big of a deal. So, here's to your splats and all they do for you!


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