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Follow Your Feelings to a New Life

I’d like to talk about the concept … set the tone for what we create in our life: I refer to this concept as Feel It First. My Feel The Possibilities website and business focus came from this very notion, so surely you can see how important I believe it to be. Of course that leaves us with the obvious question: how do we follow our feelings to a better life? Easy, I made a flow chart! But first, let me explain why…

One day, though no one knows exactly when, we’ll come upon the end of our physical lives and have the chance to reflect back. Without a doubt I know each and every one of us want to be able to smile as we reminisce about the wonderfully FULL life we enjoyed.

In order to have a full life, we have to be willing to experience change; otherwise, we’ll experience the same old thing for decades and our last thoughts may be full of regrets. (Don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of those.)

To experience change is difficult at times. Maybe we’re in a new space and don’t have a clue what we’re doing. Maybe we’re evolving and the people around us are struggling with and questioning our new behaviors. Or maybe we’re so overwhelmed we’re barely able to take the first step toward what we want.

Regardless of what you want to change, there’s an easy way to go about it; a way that will take some of the fretting out of the equation for you. I don’t care if that’s moving to a new place to live or negotiating with your significant someone on furniture arrangement in the house. This formula is simple: find ways to feel better.

Yep, it’s just that simple. Our feelings resonate deep within our bodies, they influence the thoughts we think, and those in turn program our subconscious and put a message out into the universe that essentially orders up what we asked for (think of it as a silent prayer).

So if you want to deliberately facilitate change in your life, paying attention to and leveraging your feelings is one of the most painless ways I know of. It’s so easy, I was able to make a simple flow chart to illustrate (click here).

In short, the formula starts with identifying how you’re feeling. On an emotional scale, would you say you fall on the positive or negative side of feelings?

If positive, that’s great, but don’t stop there! Ask yourself what’s happening that’s led you there. What have you been thinking, who have you been hanging out with, and what actions have you taken as of late? Identifying that information is precious because then you have a new awareness and you can rinse and repeat at will!

On the other hand, if you fall on the negative side of feelings, that’s great too because now you can do something about it! You can ask yourself what’s going on that led to the negative emotion, which gives you the contrast you need to be able to identify what it is that will help you feel better. (i.e., I don’t feel good and after thinking about it I realize ‘x’ would make me feel better.) Then you can take it a step further and ask yourself why you want it (grounds you in your values), why you deserve it (gives you permission), and ways to go about getting it (provides solutions). After adjusting your direction slightly, then you can revisit this process again, starting at the beginning with identifying how you’re feeling and repeating as needed until the desired change has happened and you know how to get to that good feeling place.

Let me put this in context by sharing an example from my life…

While living with my new beau and trying to find my space in his house, I began to feel oppressed, restricted, and unheard. Working down the right side of the flow chart led to my clarity around what I needed in order to feel different. There were a few options: purge the entire house or start with removing excess furniture in my designated office area. Once I understood how I felt and what I needed, I was able to communicate those feelings and we agreed on a temporary solution until the long-term one was doable. After taking that action, I checked in and found I felt happy, understood and even more productive. Working down the left side of the flow chart, I discovered the behaviors that worked well for me, which were to get clear, communicate and take action – something I can certainly repeat :D

You know, I’m a big fan of paying attention to our feelings. Not only are they a great early sign post, but they are the foundation of deliberate creation. In a way, they are like an invisible heartbeat that other energies pick up on and synchronize with. You will attract things, people, and circumstances that align with your strongest feelings.

Which is why I’m such a fan of feeling into our possibilities; or, in this case, feeling our way out of the challenges that are holding us back. Phew! We have so much power within us! My mission is to help people tap into and use it to create the life they want. Do you sense your power?

I hope so and I’d love to hear what your thoughts are. Let me know how you’ve used your feelings to help you in your life. Curious minds like mine want to know!


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