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Feel It First!

As much as I love and adore the concept that positive thoughts can shape your life, I think there’s another component that gets woefully ignored – our feelings.

Have you ever felt run down or tired and told nearly everyone you came in contact with? Did you notice how long you felt that way? No doubt longer than was necessary because you were creating a self-fulfilling prophecy!

You know how every now and again the stars and moon align so you feel exceptionally pretty? And when that happens, you get more attention from others – almost like a sign was put above your head?

Those, my friends, are two simple examples of the power FEELINGS can create.

Really, the reason positive thinking helps so much is it typically keeps us from inadvertently sinking into the pits of despair and when used correctly, actually elicits positive FEELINGS. Another way of putting that is: thoughts become things because of the emotions tied to them. If that’s not enough good news, another piece of the puzzle is the more charged our FEELINGS are, the more they’ll overwrite anything else we may’ve thought or felt :) .

Are you ready for the best news yet? As women, it is particularly easy for us to tap into our feelings and use them to our advantage!

That said, you may be asking how, which I can answer in one word: IMAGINATION. To help spur on your imagination, I’ll share some tips and techniques I’ve used with success. We’re all different, so find what FEELS good to you and run with it. Next thing you know, you’ll be impacting the lives of hundreds of people without realizing it and being completely blown away by how good THAT FEELS!!!

Tips & Techniques for Harnessing Power of Positive Feelings

1) MUSIC – Make a playlist that matches the emotion you want to experience and turn it on whenever you need it. Here’s a link to some of my favorites.

2) ONLINE OASIS – Hop on YouTube or Facebook to find funny videos that lift your spirits. It’s super easy to search for whatever makes you smile!

3) PRAY RAIN JOURNAL – This is a way to ‘play pretend’ and is one of my absolute favorites for tapping into an explicit and creative good vibe. (In short, you write about your desired future as though it’s already happened.)

4) BABY STEP UP THE SCALE – Rather than try to force yourself to feel great, how about starting with better (perhaps shift from worried to hopeful). If it’s helpful to see a list of emotions that get incrementally better, click here.

There we have it, if you want to feel more lighthearted perhaps watch some cute videos and then imagine yourself going through the day with that feeling. If you want to feel better about your significant someone, listen to some music that represents true love and imagine what you’d do for them if they were giving you what you wanted. If you want to feel less stressed, move up the scale of emotions to pessimism or contentment. You can do this! You can influence how you feel and, therefore, what you attract to you.

I’d love to hear what works best for you, or if there’s something else that really floats your boat. Here’s to you and your endless possibilities when it comes to FEELING GOOD!!!!


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