February 27, 2013

It is just as important to know when to move with inspiration as it is to know when to rest. With the second month of the year coming to a close, I challenge you to consider whether or not you need to rest.

image girl sitting on bench seeker of answersNot take a nap or go get a mani-pedi; not reward yourself with a sweet treat or flowers; not find an excuse to not finish something important, but find a way to actually pause…and…rest.

Rest and Release the past and the future.
Rest and Enjoy the moment.
Rest and Sit in silence.
Rest and Take a break.

As I see it, there are three types of rest: physical rest, mental rest and spiritual rest. In this post I’m talking about spiritual rest – the kind that creates space for you to connect to something bigger than yourself and helps put things in perspective. The kind that has the power to melt away trivial worries and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Many of us are incredibly talented at multitasking and overachieving, which often rewards us with societal praise and more money than meaning (along with less than stellar health and underappreciated relationships).

Yet, how many of us are incredibly talented at hitting the reset button? How many of us proudly dedicate time to do a bunch of nothing for the sole purpose of resting, reflecting and redirecting?

I feel like there’s an opportunity before each of us to consider whether or not we want to build our skill sets when it comes to the latter.

The question is, do you?

I’d love to know what you think! Leave me a comment and share your thoughts, or answer any of the following questions:

  • How do you know when you need to rest?
  • What does resting look like for you?
  • Are you getting what you need from that kind of rest?
  • If you were to take a different approach, what might it be?

If you find your schedule getting away from you, your to-do list multiplying like rabbits and you’re already amazed at how quickly the year is moving, then here’s to you finding a way to rest!
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Kimi Nakamura March 5, 2013 at 1:08 am

I know I need a rest when I get grumpy and short with people – this is not me.
Rest for me looks like spending time in Nature – taking a walk, putting my face to the sunshine like a flower and just soaking it up. It can also look like a hot yoga class – exercise and mental relaxation. Yes, I believe that I am getting what I need from that kind of rest.
What would a different approach look like? Hummm….not sure.
Hugs and Love to you Sara!


Sara Russell March 5, 2013 at 9:38 am

That’s such good awareness Kimi and I love the analogy of being outside and facing the sun like a flower. I need to remember that next time I’m feeling a bit grumpy!


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